Welcome to Infiniti Group.  We are a global partnership of firms involved in international trade, business advisory, corporate events and the entertainment industry. 

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Our main profile in international trade are commoditIes, food and beverage and raw materials.  Due to our extensive global network we are able to source as well as help companies and products enter new markets. Our portfolio is fast moving and we always updating our projects.

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Our advisory services are a natural outgrowth of our work in trade, business events and trainings: Our main focus has been helping companies enter new markets for products or to set up local branches, as well as help companies obtain EU or government funding. 

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We have extensive experience in organizing masterclass trainings, both in-house and externally, in the areas of financial services, HR, marketing, fintech and others in Europe, GCC and Africa. 

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Infiniti Group is involved in various elements of the entertainment industry, namely documentary, reality, and scripted series productions, in a partnership with Federation Studios of Paris. Separately, we’re also involved in content creator talent management.


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