Infiniti Group has been involved in content creation services for many years, including copywriting, blog writing, SEO services, ad content, sales script writing and email content writing.

Our services stem from the combination of the extensive experience our Managing Director, Laszlo Peter, possesses in writing, marketing and sales as well as the talented freelancers we work with.

We work natively in English, Hungarian, Russian and Romanian.

Why Us?

No matter the size of the company, most content creators lack real life experience in sales. This is a crucial flaw, as in the end, all copywriting and content creation in general serves the purpose of being persuasive. Without actual hands-on sales experience, all talk of knowing how to create persuasive content remains only in theory.

Laszlo Peter has more than 15 years of experience in hardcore, high-pressure sales environments of the old school kind, before all the layers of technology took over and outsourced a big chunk of human to human communication. Cold calling for years on end gives you the kind of persuasive skills and understanding of human psychology in regards to the sales process that no seminar or online course can ever teach you.

This deep experience in the art and science of persuasion, combined with a corporate track record in marketing, as well as a lifelong passion for writing results in a very potent mixture that is extremely rare in the market place.

Our services are available to companies and organizations of all sizes and we always charge with the mindset that we are looking for a long term cooperation. This means that we are not looking to make all of our profits with one project, something that, unfortunately, most agencies do.


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